The Rock of Gethsemane is another very important part of the Holy Land of Adoration and Renewal, given to the World by Our Lord Jesus Christ through the mystic, Barnabas of the Most Precious Blood Devotion. It is a special gift with lots of heavenly promises and exceptionally unique features and landscape. The importance of this rock can easily be observed as many of the messages given to the mystic in his encounter with the Lord, made reference to the Rock of Gethsemane. Even before the Rock was given to the Apostolate of the Most Precious Blood, Jesus had already promised, “When the Rock of Gethsemane is built, the Rock of My Agony, I will call My Apostles for spiritual training there. From that Rock, they shall draw the living water of Spirit, and mature to be My Saints. Do your good to possess this precious gift: Rock of Gethsemane (Jesus, 27th February, 2001.)

The Rock is located in the portion of the Land mapped out by the Lord for adoration. The features of the Rock as found on the Land are very much similar to the Gethsemane in Jerusalem. This fact has been affirmed by the majority of our pilgrims who have been opportune to visit the Holy Land of Jerusalem, including the mystic Barnabas, who went to Jerusalem in June, 2011. Here in the New Garden, you will find the image of our Lord in a deep meditative mood kneeling on a Rock and an angel before Him extending a chalice of consolation to Him. Within the arena is also found small statured trees like the olive tree of Jerusalem garden. The Rock is bounded by the garden of scourging on the farthest west, a beautiful garden of flowers on the eastern side, the first station of the cross on the southern part and a very deep valley with spring water on the northern axis. All these boundaries were named and described by Our Lord Himself to the mystic. In fact, the Garden of Gethsemane is a beautiful scene, a place to visit and anyone considering a pilgrimage may not regret choosing the Holy Land of Adoration and Renewal, Olo, Enugu State, Nigeria, for such an exercise.

The first day the Lord expressed His intention of given a seat of adoration to the World, He revealed the presence of the Rock of His Agony on the Land saying, “Children, have the Land at all cost. Claim it with spiritual warfare just as the Israelites claimed the land of Canaan with physical warfare. There you shall find the Rock of My Agony, which I am going to bless for you. On this Rock shall the image of My Agony in the Garden rest; It will be a precious stone. People will come from different nations to visit the Land. But if on the other hand you cannot claim the Land, I will rise in the meantime to do My work which is known by Me alone”. (Jesus, 12th September, 2000.) It is unfortunate to relate that because of the obstinacy of the Land owners (the land referred to by the message quoted above), the Land was cursed by God and its favours transferred to the new Land referred to by the messages in chapter one. “Children”, Jesus promised, “I have heard your prayers over the Land. I will give you a Land of Adoration even if these people fail to release the Land. I say, if they fail to release the Land, it shall be cursed! It will never yield a crop or hold an inhabitant”. (Jesus, 3rd March, 2002). Thus, after giving the new Land, Jesus confirmed the presence of the Rock of Gethsemane on the new Land saying, “Barnabas, here is the Rock of Gethsemane (He pointed at the Rock). This Rock shall have the image of how I sweated blood on the Rock! So, know that this place is a special place in this Garden of Love”. (Jesus, 20th January, 2004.)


The world has reached the “Hour of Gethsemane”. What does this phrase “Hour of Gethsemane” mean? Remember that faithful night of our Lord’s last supper with his apostles; that night of darkness that Satan ruled in the hearts of many people in Israel. Remember that night of betrayal and denial. The night Judas betrayed his master and also when Pope Peter the Apostle of Christ denied his master three times. The gates of hell were let open for Lucifer and his Angels to come out and fight their last battle against the son of God who came for the Salvation of mankind. It was on this fateful night that Jesus took from among his Apostle Peter, James and John; and withdrew to a place called Gethsemane which means in Hebrew “Oil Press” to pray. He said to them “pray that you will not fall into temptation.” Following the rotational axis of the history of the world, all who have the sight will agree with me that we have reached another hour of darkness when evil rules. The faith of many has become cold. The way of truth is no longer an easy one to travel on.


“Could you not watch with me for one hour?” asked Jesus to his apostle; keep watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation” (Mark 14:38).This was an appeal of a man in agony because of the sins of the world. The weight of our sins is weighing him down. He needs the support of the prayer of his people. He wants them to pray for themselves as well because of the perilous times they are living through. He wants them to be alert.

Today, through the Devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, Jesus is calling us again to enter Gethsemane with him. This appeal is so urgent for all Men because we are living in the hour of darkness, when only grace is the hope of our survival. Let us hear some of these appeals and hasten our steps to answer this call.

The agonising Jesus Christ said: “…My children, the love I have I have for my people is burning like a flame. But they hate me, thereby crucifying Me day and night with their sins. Come to Me at Gethsemane and watch with Me. Come and pray with Me for the renewal of the face of the earth. Come My loving Children, the Great Suffering is coming. The suffering is great, who will survive it? Who will endure till the end? This is why I asked you My loving Children, to come to Me in Gethsemane. Come in, console and adore Me, I say to you console Me, I am in great agony. Children, My Heart pain Me greatly because of the sins of the world. My Heart is in great sorrow because of many souls that will be lost forever. Oh My Children, I am looking for someone to console Me, but your heart is far from Me. No one shows Me dear love. You do not remember that I am always in agony and in a deep sorrow. I come to you for you to console Me, but you do recognise Me because your heart is far from Me. I cry in great anguish and grief. You leave Me and go your way, because you cannot meditate on My agony. Have mercy on Me; I love you. Meditate on My sufferings. I will reveal Myself to you. Pray and watch always in the night of Thursday to Friday; I call that hour “The Gethsemane Hour”...


In our devotional prayer, I saw in a vision the Holy Face of Jesus Christ who had the crown thorns on His head. He calmly said: “My child, I welcome all of you into this Holy Adoration. I ask my loving children to wake up from their coldness, and turn away from their unfaithfulness. The hour is at hand; the enemy is fast approaching. Wake up! Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. My Children, come, follow me and enter Gethsemane for prayer, so that you will not give up during the hour of trails. My Children, learn to make your Gethsemane Hour well. Observe it with all your heart. Be brave to overcome your enemy. Teach it to the whole world and let them learn all the prayer I thought you. My children, I gave you the Gethsemane hour. It is for you and for all men. Learn today that the hour is blessed. Any prayer made during the hour will be effective. Anyone who devotedly made the Gethsemane hour will never fall during his own hour of dryness and trials. He will be filled with power always and be courageous in these ungodly and wicked days. He will die a glorious death. Soon, I will give you the complete devotional prayers for Gethsemane hour.

He day when I was first in Gethsemane, I felt the present of the lord and became courageous. The midnight of Thursday dawning into Friday is the day and hour of Gethsemane prayer. During this Hour, and on this day, the greatest enemy of the cross and his agents are having their meeting against you and all the faithful ones. My children, which with me always, you will get your soul at peace. I am with you and all men who practice this Gethsemane Hour always. I beg you, son, never give up. I bless you all.” Immediately the vision passed. (Jesus, 20th July, 1998)


Every Thursday, 11am – 3am Friday morning is the Gethsemane Hour. The following prayers are to be said during this time:

  1. Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  2. Holy Chaplet of the Precious Blood with Litany.
  3. Prayer of Consecration to the Precious Blood.
  4. Consolation and Adoration prayer.
  5. Reparation Prayer to the Agonizing Jesus Christ (The Seven Anguish Appeals).
  6. Mystical Prayers of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  7. Chaplet of Renewal and Litany of the Saints.
  8. The Votive Mass of the Precious Blood and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (where possible).