The Agonizing Crucifix is the image which depicts the Agony of our Lord Jesus, His lacerated Body and Its bleeding. This image that has worked so many wonders was given to the World by Jesus Christ Himself on 5th January, 2000, at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Chapel, Imezi-Owa, Enugu Diocese, Nigeria through Barnabas, the mystic as recorded below: “Today, being the third day of our call to reparation, I saw in a vision, Our Lord holding a Crucifix of His crucified life. I saw Him walking about in a desert. After a while we met. He said to me, “Barnabas, take this”. He then offered me the Crucifix and continued: “This is your crucified Lord, Who loves you. He is the One whom you daily crucify. Accept it from Me; carry it always. Show it to the World; let all men have it also. Children, this is what your sins do to Me”. (‘The crucifix’, Barnabas explained, ‘is the same as the crucifix we all know. The difference is that the wounds and blood on His sacred body appeared well. On the cross was written, “I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who loves you”.) Then Jesus continued:

“You shall make this crucifix as you see it. I am giving it to you as the instrument and amour which you must all have before the evil man comes to reign in full force… I call you all, not to give you any further warning but to prepare and get you ready for the Hour. You and all men are to have this Cross as amour of protection against evil forces that fill the earth now. I promise to perform numerous miracles through it. I will break their heart of stone and pour in My Love. I promise to draw the straying souls closer to Myself through this Crucifix.On the days of evil one, you will be able to move about freely without any harm through this Crucifix. Children accept this gift with love. Let this order not be like the previous orders I have made known to you. If you neglect it, you will feel the gap”. (Jesus, 5th January, 2000.) “This call of reparation”, Jesus repeated, “is to prepare you to meet the evil one and to defeat him. To prepare you I gave you my Agonizing Crucifix. I promise to protect anyone who has this Cross against the evil force. Through this Cross I will deliver many from captivity. Whenever you raise this Cross against the evil power, I will open heaven and let My Precious Blood flow to subdue the evil power. I will let My Precious Blood flow from My Sacred Wounds to cover all who venerate My Wounds and Blood through the Crucifix. I promise to protect any house where this crucifix is, against any destructive power in the hour of darkness. Children, through this Crucifix, I will conquer. This Crucifix will soon be a Victorious Crucifix”. (Jesus, 8th January, 2000.)

The victory of man over their enemy was actualised through the Cross of Christ. The victory of the present world over the innumerable enemies of our soul and body will be obtained too through the Cross of Jesus Christ. It sounds interesting to hear that Christ has chosen a Victorious Cross, the Giant Agonizing Cross, to destroy the enemies of His Holy Cross and usher in His Glorious Reign in the World. This is why heaven demands persistently that the Giant Agonizing Crucifix be erected in the virgin Land of Africa where the Glorious Reign of Peace was born to the World. As the agents of the evil one are succeeding in their plans in great cities of the World to enthrone the enemy of Christ, the Beast, for all to worship through modernism, same sex marriage, abortion, nudism, materialism, etc, God had chosen the remotest part of the world, the virgin Land of Africa, precisely, Olo in Enugu State of Nigeria to dethrone the Beast and enact His Glorious Reign in the world. No wonder the Agonizing Jesus Christ insisted, “See, the Evil One will soon erect his image for all to worship; in the same way I have called you to celebrate the Triumph of My Holy Cross through which the Beast will be conquered. There is the third step of My Project which I want you to embark on soon. The project is erecting My Triumphant Cross in the Land I chose. This Crucifix will be 12 feet high and there will be a statue of My Mother beside it. I will not say much now until you are ready as I have ordered you. You will little understand this because you have not received the Rose of Perfect Purity. But know that through this sign, the Beast shall be conquered. As they are making their plans in the great city of the world, I am here in this remote part of the world to bring his power to nothing through My Little Lilies”. (Jesus, 13th September, 2002.)

One of the greatest achievements some people has made is to be part of those who will be privileged to erect the Triumphant Cross that will usher in the Reign of Peace in the World and cause the dethronement of the Evil One. This is why the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ demanded, “Children, if the World of darkness can erect their own image of the Beast, will you not try and erect the Triumphant Cross that will announce the defeat of the wicked Man? Be wise and hasten the time. Your negligence over the appeal is the greatest wound you can cause to the Hearts of Love. Do whatever you can, appeal to My Children, it is enough. I know what you can do, that is all I need from you… The feast is going to be one of the greatest feasts you will celebrate. Happy are all who will be there to celebrate the feast”. (Our Lady 15th September, 2002.)

In fact, one of the glorious historical event that will not be forgotten in the world as far as the devotion to the Most Precious Blood is concern is the installation and unveiling of the Giant triumphant Agonizing Crucifix of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. The installation plan for the erection the biggest crucifix in the world (Giant Agonizing Crucifix) started from the month of July 2012. The erection of the crucifix occurred on the 4th of December, 2012 in perfect response to the demands of heaven to have it erected in the year 2012. But the remarkable historical event of the unveiling of the crucifix occurred on the 5th of July, 2013.

This historical event was witnessed by the people from the 4 corners of the globe. Yes, people came from Europe, Latin American, Asia, United State and different parts of African. Some of these visitors can be seen in the pictures below in fig. 1, fig. 2, fig. 4andfig. 5 Furthermore, the unveiling of the Crucifix occurred at the holy hour of 3pm when a mighty wind which seemed to have escaped from the chain of intolerable delay help the little consolers of Christ to unveil the Agonizing Master to behold His penitential children. The unveiling ceremony was celebrated by numerous Priests of Catholic Church in different ranks. Apart from Catholic priests, many people of different religion like traditional rulers, communist, Pentecostal Christian and Catholic Christians witnessed the event. See pictorial example below.

Few hours after the unveiling event as people were jubilating over the abundance blessing of the Lord poured upon them; heaven confirmed and approved the event with the miracle of the sun which lasted for more than 30 minutes. Suddenly, the setting sun that is already becoming enveloped by the cloud came forth with ever brightness that does not restrict the view of gazing people. Before you imagined it, it began to send forth rays of different colours.All of a sudden, it turned like blessed host broken into two, displaying different sacred images of Jesus and Mary. It is better witnessed than narrated; yet images in fig. 7-8 below gives a speck of what happened.

Finally, the significant of the Giant Crucifix of Victorious Agonizing Jesus Christ is that Cross is the confirmation of God’s promise of victory that will surely came from the Cross. Thus the
Crucifix facing the East will thwart and defeat the beast which according to revelation to the mystic Bro. Barnabas will come from the West. The Victory of Cross will bring the children of God to share in the victory of Christ over their enemy.Just as the golden serpent of Moses did not stop dreadful serpent from biting the Israelites, but rather bring them to victory over death which is the lot of all bitten by the dreadful serpent; in the same manner the Victorious Agonizing Crucifix will not stop the beast from executing its dreadful temptation and persecution over the children of God, it will make them victorious by encouraging them to mount the Cross prepared by the beast and obtain the victory prepared by the Agonizing Christ. He is indeed a brave soldier whose pains and wounds will not deter from the battle field but rather mount the Cross and achieve his victory. Surely, the prayers of Our Lady that anyone who looks, gazes or remembers the Agonizing Christ may be delivered, healed, protected and be consumed with blessed Fire of Divine love has become a reality. No wonder why the Holy Land has become a pilgrimage center before the Church declared it a public place of worship.


Pilgrimage is the movement of an individual or group of individuals to a holy place or celebrated place for spiritual or corporal exercise. When it is carried out for religious purposes, pilgrimage becomes a religious exercise. There are lots of pilgrimage centres in the world that attract numerous pilgrims for various religious purposes. Some of the major ones include: mariezell – Austria, Bom Jesus da lapa – Brazil, Bagan – Burma/Myanmar, Lourdes – France, Lisieux – France, kevelaer – Germany, Mount Athos – Greece, Somnath – India (Gujarat), Aritsa – India (Punjab), Bohd Gaya – India (Bihar), Magelang – Indonesia (Central Java), Croagh Patrick – Ireland, Western Wall – Israel (Jerusalem), Church of Holy Sepulcher – Israel (Jerusalem), Bethlehem– Israel (Jerusalem), Assisi – Italy, St. Peter’s Basilica – Italy, Ise Grand Shrine – Japan (Ise), LuangPrabang – Laos, Basilica de Guadalupe – Mexico, Las Huaringas – Peru, Fatima – Portugal, Mecca – Saudi Arabia, Saragossa – Spain, Sri Pada – Sri Lanka, Damascus – Syria, St. Paul’s Chapel – USA (New York), etc. Christian Pilgrimage started booming as far back as 4th century, though few examples were noticed in the mid-2nd century. The Christian Pilgrimages were made to places connected with the birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ at the Holy Land of Israel. These Pilgrimages were encouraged by the Fathers of the Church like St. Jerome and established by Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great. After the physical existence of Christ, Pilgrimages were made to places of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Son Jesus Christ. In this modern era of our century, another enthusiastic Pilgrimage centre has risen from our midst in the virgin Land of Africa. It is an international Pilgrimage centre located at Holy Land of Adoration, Olo – Nigeria. A pilgrim coming from outside Nigeria can board any Air transport to Enugu State of Nigeria. From the Airport, the pilgrim can enter taxi to Holy Land of Adoration, Uje, Imezi – Olo, Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu State and will safely arrive at the Holy Land. The Holy Land provides conducive environment for all spiritual exercises. Yes, the pilgrim is mostly welcome by the gentle breeze that refreshes the mind and provides good atmosphere for meditation and desert experience. Historically, following God’s design for the salvation of the world and for the manifestation of His Glorious Reign on earth, a Triumphant Giant Agonizing Crucifix was erected on Holy Land of Adoration in the year 2012, twelfth year after the birth of the Glorious Reign of Peace in the world; coincidentally, the same 12 years when infant Jesus manifested Himself in the temple. The Giant Crucifix was officially unveiled on the 5th of July 2013. Within the period of unveiling, so many things happened in the world; the earth quacked in different countries and miracles were wrought to the soul and body of many people – not only among those who are present at the Holy Land but also to people in distant land. The event of the unveiling has been posted to both our You tube and Website. Visit our You tube or click Here. Or open the Home page of this Website or click Here to see the event of unveiling. Apart from the Giant Agonising Crucifix, the Holy Land also features the Rock of Christ’s Agony in Gethsemane which has been divinely arranged to sooth the need of prayer and recollection. The Rock of Gethsemane has different segments; there is the Rock where Jesus knelt in sober intercession, recollection and reparation prayer. There is also the rock where the Angel of consolation stood to console the Agonising Christ, and there is also the Rock where Jesus laid prostrate in profuse sweat of blood, etc See the image below.

Furthermore, there is also the fountain of Calvary at the Holy Land where spring of miraculous water is gushing forth from year to year without seizing. Based on their faith, people receive numerous favours from God by the use of the Blessed Spring of this Holy Fountain. Though the Fountain of Calvary has not been fully developed to the expected standard, we continue to thank God as we appreciate the tremendous contribution of our devotees from around the worldwho made the arena convenient for prayer and pilgrimage. See the images below:

There are numerous revealed projects for the Holy Land that will help us to meet the expectation of Heaven on this Pilgrimage Land. Yes, our Lord has promised to raise generations of Saints from this virgin Pilgrimage Land. “Barnabas”, Jesus directed, “this is the Land I gave you and all My Children. This is a safe place for My People in the days to come. This place will soon be a little community that will produce many Saints. This Land is Holy”. (Jesus, 20th Jan. 2004) Our Lady equally assures us the blessings which Heaven conferred to the Holy Land saying: “I am the Rosa Mystica, the Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ. Your hope has been born in the virgin Land of Africa. O, in this Land, Christ has announced His Glorious Reign. This is the seed of holiness that is growing to renew the face of the Earth. Yes, the Landis holy. The Land is a home. As the evil man is making his way from the great cities of the world to reign over all men, O Christ has chosen this hidden Land of grace in this most remote area of the world to plant His seed of holiness and announce His triumph… I am happy to see the Land that will bear the Triumphant Cross that will defeat the beast. I am happy to see the generation of the consolers of Christ.I am happy to see the community of the saints in the world. Come and rejoice with Me all you inhabitant of the world in this virgin Land of peace. In this Land there are peace, joy, blessing, healing, deliverance, healing, love and above all salvation. O like the healing stream of Lourdes, the Fountain of Calvary is gushing out from the Land for healing and deliverance. I mean the healing of the soul and of the body and of true freedom. Children, do you know that you will find in the Land, the Rock of Agony, the Calvary Land and the peace of solitude. The Land is a home for the lovers of Jesus Crucified. It is a place for the life of perfection. What will I tell you My friends and My children? I am appealing to you with the voice of My Son and My God, Christ, the Agonizing Saviour, to help and carry out the project of this Holy Land. I have no one except you. This is your work because here is a home for many in the time to come. See, the agents of the beast are working hard to meet the hour. Do you want them to come and do the work for us?...” (Our Lady, 28th March, 2004). Click Hereto view the outstanding project of the Holy Land and their estimated cost. Pilgrimage to the Holy Landof Adoration started with event of the unveiling of the Giant Agonizing Crucifix which attracted people from different parts of the world in the month of July 2013. In fact, after the event of unveiling of the Giant Agonizing Crucifix, the first Pilgrimage month was the month of August 2013. From this period, Holy LandPilgrimage becomes a monthly exercise that holds from Thursday following the 3rd Friday to Saturday of every month as our Lady has instructed in Her message.These period are period of serious penance and reparation for the sins of the whole world committed against the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. The program of the Pilgrimage is the program of 3rd Friday reparation as is found in devotional prayer book. Click Here For Monthly Pilgrimage Programme. The program has seven hours of uninterrupted reparation exercise that involves prayers, reflections and meditation. Some of the Pilgrims of the monthly Pilgrimage to the Holy Land are shown below:

By establishing thePilgrimage month, Our Lord has successfully arranged for the renewal of Church and of the face of the earth for the full manifestation of His Glorious Kingdom on earth. He promised to achieve this renewal when He called His Children for reparation: “My son”, Jesus spoke to Barnabas the mystic, “reparation is needed for renewal. Your God is deeply offended. See He receives much insult from His people in the Sacrament of His love. The people He purchased by His Precious Blood do not value the Price of their redemption. My son, I am Your God and Your Saviour. Many I shed My Blood for their sake are still going to Hell. My son, their number is too many. See, I am making a great loss. Silence Barnabas, I call all men for reparation. I am reminding you of My call of 3rd Friday reparation for the sins committed against My Precious Blood. On that day, you are to hear and pray the votive Mass of My Precious Blood and offer it in reparation for the sins committed against Your God in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. I will ask My Mother to make a full programme for the reparation. Whatever She tells you pleases Me. Through this reparation, I will bring to an end the desecration of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. If you answer this call of reparation, men will value the Price of their redemption. Many souls shall be converted and love the desert way, the only way to salvation. I will open the eyes of men to see the merits of the Cross and their values. I will give them the grace of true love. Through this reparation, I will strengthen the faith of My little lilies. If you respond to this reparation well, My Glorious Reign will come soon and your trouble will be over…” (Jesus, 24th Jan. 2003) We therefore urge all who are waiting for the reign of God on earth to be part of this monthly Pilgrimage to Holy Land of Adoration, for the Renewal of the Face of the World. “This is the way to the Reign of Peace in the World”, Our Lady confirmed, “I say, it is reparation, it is penance, it is sacrifice. I am there. I am at the Holy Land waiting for you and the whole World to come for reparation. I am the Woman at the Foot of the Cross, Mary, Mother of the Agonizing Jesus Christ” (Our Lady, 15th Jan. 2004).

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