OVERVIEW: The Precious Blood International College, is a full-fledged secondary school, constituted to fit in properly into the second and third Levels of Nigerian Policy of Education of 6 – 3 – 3 – 4 System. Purpose and Aim: It is a model school and wholly mission, established and managed by the Congregation of the Agonizing Consolers of Jesus Christ and Little Lilies of Christ under the auspices of the Apostolate of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, with the sole purpose of pursuing academic excellence, moral and behavioural discipline, refinement of life and soul – purity, within the poured time of our pupils’ studentship. The College is co-educational and takes off with the Junior Secondary School, JSS, ONE, fully boarding for the students and residential accommodation for all it’s staff. The order, therefore, is to chart a course for the Agonizing Jesus Who has poured His Blood as the Price of our Salvation’.


For any student to have a place in this College, it is completely competitive and on merit. One who does not pass the College’s entrance examination and the follow-up personal interview, cannot be admitted. Therefore, the admission requirements include:

  1. Purchasing and filling of the school form.
  2. School entrance examination.
  3. Collection of school prospectus for those who passed the exam.

We join the world to achieve part of the millennium goal of 2020 (Basic Education for all); and we respond to the appeal of charity which is the fundamental goal of our Christian perfection. We take upon ourselves the training of poor children whose family cannot afford it, and abandoned children in the streets who have no hope of education. They are little Christs looking for someone to console them.
Come and join us to console them; we cannot do it without you.


In answering this call of Christ and listening to the cry of the little ones, these and many more favours are what you stand to gain:

  1. Daily prayers of the children.
  2. Friendship of the little ones and benefactors of the school (i.e. inscribing your name in our books of record).
  3. Unfailing blessings of the Lord as He promised for your generosity and love (Mtt. 10:42; Lk. 6:38).
Levels of sponsorship.

Full sponsorship 6 years @ N750,000.00 Half sponsorship 3 years @ N500,000.00
Yearly sponsorship 1 year @ N 150,000.00 Termly sponsorship 3 months @ N 50,000.00
Minor sponsorship1 1 month@ N 15,000.00 Minor sponsorship2 1 week @ N 5,000.00
Minor sponsorship3 1 day @ N 2,000.00

Others are:
  • 200 Lockers @ N5500 each
  • 200 Beds and mattresses (foams) @ N15,000 a set,
  • 50 Computers @ N50,000 each
  • 50kva Electricity Generator @ N2.5m
  • A Coaster Bus costing N9m
  • Blankets and Bed sheets
  • A Science Block
  • A Library Block
  • Students’ Scholarship

Bank Accounts information

Bank: Eco Bank Plc.
A/C Name: Precious Blood International College
A/C No: 0058951430

Wish to become our benefactor? Please click here

E-mail addresses: or God bless you.

FIRST TERM : 14 Weeks
RESUMPTION : 20th Sept. or Saturday after 16th Sept.
CONTINOUS ASSESMENT TESTS : 4th and 2nd Week of the Term.
MID- TERM BREAK : 7th Week of the term
REVISION OF TERM’S WORK EXAM : 11th -13th Week of the term
CLOSING : Saturday of the 14th Week
SECOND TERM: : 12 Weeks
RESUMPTION : 2nd Saturday of January
CONTINIOUS ASSESMENT TESTS : 3rd and 7th Week of the Term.
MID- TREM BREAK : 6th Week of the Term
REVISION OF TERM WORK $ EXAM : 10th – 12th Week of the Term
CLOSING : Wednesday of the Holy Week
EASTER SUNDAY : April 20th, 2014; April 5, 2015; March 27, 2016; April 16, 2017, etc.
THIRD TERM : 15th Weeks
RESUMPTION : 2nd Saturday, after Easter.
CONTINOUS ASSESMENT TEST : 4th $ 9th Week of the term
MID- TERM BREAK : 7th Week of the term.
REVISION OF TERMS WORK $ EXAMS : 11th – 14th Week of the term

CLOSING Saturday of the 15th Week. N/B: the Bulk of the Weeks of the Terms are for Teaching – Learning Processes and Co-Curricular activities