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It was a call to Console and Adore (Rev. Barnabas)

On the 5th of July, 1995, at about 3.00pm, the Agonizing Jesus Christ called and appealed to me in these words; “Barnabas console Me, adore my Precious Blood”. The voice was so gentle and pleading; I turned and could not see who was calling me. The voice continued, “Barnabas, console Me, adore My Precious Blood; I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ”. He kept silent for a moment. I noticed that there was a sudden calmness and quiet in the room in which I was. It seemed to me that there was no movement of any object in the world, that one could even hear the sound of a dropped pin. In this silent moment, I heard the voice of a choir, which sang the song of the Precious Blood and prayed in these words; “Precious Blood of Jesus Christ; save us and the whole world”. In the end, the voice said, “I bless you My son”. Immediately the whole episode passed. On the 6th of July, 1995, I had the same encounter as the previous day. It was the same hour of 3.00pm. As I was looking at the crucifix hanging on the wall, suddenly, cloud came down and covered it. In the cloud, appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging on the cross, bleeding. His Head was crowned with thorns. The Sacred Heart appeared at the position of His Heart, which issued Divine Rays. He kept silent for a while and then said: “Barnabas, I am Jesus Christ who died on the Cross of Calvary to save the world. I am the One Who laid my Body to be scourged that men might be free. I bore all the shame they deserved. With my Blood I purchased them, yet My people did not know me. I am still the One, Who is suffering the agony due to their sins. Barnabas, console Me, and adore My Precious Blood. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who loves you much; have mercy on Me, I bless you, My son”. Immediately, the whole scene passed. During these two incidents, I was unable to utter a word while they lasted, but pondered in my heart what all that could mean. On 3rd day, that is, 7th of July 1995 and at the same hour, the Agonizing Jesus Christ appeared, with His Face bathed with Blood and calmly said “Barnabas why is it that you cannot answer My Appeal of Love? Have mercy on Me. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who you and the world crucify every second and minute of the day with your sins. I called you to adore My Precious Blood. If you answer My Call of Love to adore My Precious Blood, I will choose you as My instrument to save you and your people, who will return to Me. Through My Precious Blood, I will renew the face of the earth. There shall be done on earth the Will of My Father as it is done in Heaven. Your eyes will see the Reign of Peace in the World”. He kept silent for a while. It was then that I answered, ‘Agonizing Jesus Christ, I am willing to do Your Will. I love You; I love You;…”As I said these words my heart melted and I wept with a heart full of sorrow. In the end, the Agonizing Jesus Christ said; “Remain in My Peace, I bless you, My son”. Then He varnished and the episode ended..

The love for ‘souls’ is at the prime of our apostolic spirit.

We willingly offer our lives in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

With Christ, we willingly carry our daily crosses and also assist in carrying the rejected crosses.

In this act of humility and kindness, we teach the world the merit of our daily crosses.
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